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When you are searching for a counselor or therapist near me, it might not come to your attention to consider a counselor focused on neurocounseling. However, I challenge you to consider neurocounseling. Neurocounseling includes biofeedback, neurofeedback therapy, mindfulness, and any brain-based intervention that produce neurons and neurol connections that change the way the brain functions.

Today, I will consider mindfulness. It is easy and convenient.

What is mindfulness? In its simplest form, it is focusing on the present, engaging the senses is mindful manner and noticing the rising and the fall of the breath.

Why mindfulness?  Research supports the ability of the brain to improve and for the individual to see the world with more focus and clarity. Literally, your mind can be changed.

What are the benefits of mindfulness? The research supports the experience of individuals engaging in mindfulness to be better able to avoid distractions and stay engaged on task. Therefore, mindfulness improves focus and individuals can process information received more accurately.

Is mindfulness difficult? It does not have to be. Consider a child learning to walk. The child will walk one or two steps and then stop or fall. The child then gets up again and tries more steps and overtime the child can walk without even thinking about it. The same if true for mindfulness. You can begin slowly and build up to more time spent mindfulness. An easy start is to challenge yourself to notice your breath for 8 seconds before you pick up your phone to make a call or answer a text. Breath in noticing the cool of the breath through the nostrils and the warmth of the breath as you breath out through your lips.

I have included a short mindfulness video here for you to consider as a guide. In it I encourage you to focus on a calm place where there are no hurts and no distractions.

Authentic Brain Solutions provided neurocounseling that incorporates mindfulness, neurofeedback, brain gauge assessments and EMDR (eye movement desensitation and reprocessing) to support improved neurol connections and to support better brain function. We provide telehealth options for mindfulness and EMDR. For neurofeedback and brain gauge assessments require the patient to come in for in person sessions that can also include mindfulness exercises and EMDR. We serve Montgomery, Conroe, Woodforest and surrounding areas from our office at 15260 Highway 105 W, Suite 260D, Montgomery, TX 77356.  Give me a call or send me a text at 832.819.1708 or reach out through our website, www.authenticbrainsolutions.com.