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Maybe you’ve heard the term neuroplasticity and wonder how that relates to your own brain function….Let’s explore that together.

First, let’s start with what neuroplasticity means.  

Neuroplasticity, also known as neural plasticity or brain plasticity, is a process that involves adaptive structural and functional changes to the brain. A good definition is “the ability of the nervous system to change its activity in response to intrinsic or extrinsic stimuli by reorganizing its structure, functions, or connections.”

Second, what does that have to do with neurofeedback?

Well our brains are constantly changing. Things like trauma including environmental, physical and emotional traumas influence the brain creating roadblocks or negative change resulting in things like anxiety, depression or hopelessness. The brain can also be influenced by positive change. For example, let’s consider anxiety. When a person is administered IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback, or brain wave therapy for anxiety, the process of bathing the brain in a microcurrent promotes a sense of calm and relaxation. When someone engages in ongoing sessions of IASIS MC neurofeedback, they recognize an increasing level of balance and calm resulting in sustained changes to the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in reduced anxiety. This is the result of the brain’s own ability to heal due to the reality of neuroplasticity.

Who can benefit from IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback? Here’s a list of who can benefit from neurofeedback:

  • Neurofeedback for kids
  • Neurofeedback for teens
  • Neurofeedback for adults
  • Neurofeedback for seniors
  • Neurofeedback for ADHD
  • Neurofeedback for autism
  • Neurofeedback for anxiety
  • Neurofeedback for depression
  • Neurofeedback for strokes
  • Neurofeedback for TBI
  • Neurofeedback for ODD
  • And more

Where can I find an IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback provider?

The staff at Authentic Brain Solutions are Certified IASIS microcurrent neurofeedback providers.  The office is located in Montgomery, TX on Lake Conroe in the Waterpoint Shopping Center and is near woodforesttx, or Woodforest TX, Lake Conroe, Walden, Conroe, TX, Montgomery Trace, Ridgelake Shores, April Sound, Hills of Montgomery, Buffalo Springs, Fairwater, and Grand Harbor. 

Give us a call at 832.819.1708 or send me an email at eileen@authenticmig.wpenginepowered.com to discuss your needs and to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.