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EMDR Therapy Near Me

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Basically, a stressful or traumatic memory gets stuck in the part of the brain that regulates flight, fight, freeze or fawn (people pleasing), and triggering negative feelings and behaviors.

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Sleep is an important part of life, and so many people tell me they do not get enough or the quality is not good. The question asked by so many of my patients is “What can we do to improve sleep?” As a neurofeedback therapist, I think it is important to understand the importance of …

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When you are searching for a counselor or therapist near me, it might not come to your attention to consider a counselor focused on neurocounseling. However, I challenge you to consider neurocounseling. Neurocounseling includes biofeedback, neurofeedback therapy, mindfulness, and any brain-based intervention that produce neurons and neurol connections that change the way the brain functions. …

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